Resin Art Care Instructions

Epoxy resin has a very high viscosity level. However, that does not mean with extreme heat exposure the viscous nature of the resin won’t change. 

Experts state, “The most basic resins can withstand temperatures from 150° F to 300° F for short periods of time. If constant exposure occurs over time, distortion may occur. Heat-resistant epoxy is more durable and can typically withstand heat up to 600° F.”

The resin used to create the accessories and art provided, according to manufacturer label have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are heat resistant; for the charcuterie boards, food safe epoxy is used. 

Resin Care Instructions:

  • DO NOT place charcuterie boards or any resin pieces in the dishwasher. 
  • Wash in warm soap water. 
  • DO NOT leave in extreme heat. 
  • Enjoy